Wednesday, August 31, 2016


BIG Crowns or SMALL Crowns?

Which do you prefer?  I know in the Glitz world, the bigger the better! Used to be the 30" 40" and even 45" crowns were the "thing", however I have noticed recently that there seems to be a slight trend moving to slightly smaller crowns.

Personally I have never understood the massive tall crowns. They look more like trophies than crowns. Where do you put these crowns? How do you display them?

They are too large to fit on a shelf in your room, too tall to actually wear, too tall to fit in your curio cabinet unless you can remove 2 or 3 shelves, they are very top heavy so you have to find something to weight down the band so they do not tip over!

In my experience anything over 12" is not practical. Don't get me wrong, I "Love" big glitzy crowns, however sometimes the biggest is not always the best!

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